Monday, January 30, 2012

Stuff and Salvage

This is what our old 2000 Gateway looks like these days. I pulled it off the desk where it has set for the past 11 years to better work with it and leave my other PC and Internet connections in tact. I have uninstalled many of the programs off the computer and hope we can preserve the Word program so it can be used as a Word Processor. The printer works O.K. and the black cartridge is half full. If all else fails, I have learned that I can use the USB cable and print from my Apple laptop. And my final piece of salvage is the USB cable. At worst I can plug it into my HP printer and print from my laptop instead of buying a wireless printer. It is apparent that the "Burden" of having lived through the 1930's is at play here. It makes it difficult for me to throw away any thing that may have some value or might be able to be used for something someday. At least I have an excuse, but how about all these "young people" that are filling all of the "storage units" throughout the country with "stuff".

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