Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Washington, D.C.

The attractive young lady is my little sister, Janice and the nice looking little guy is her son, Mark. It was early May 1977 and they were in Washington, D.C. with a Wisconsin school group according to my old Diary. (I just wonder if that is a mistake and should be California. Drinking that Potomac River can cause those kinds of mistakes. ). Mark has a "Merced" Tee shirt and I'm pretty sure they were back in California by this time. It seems that we met them at Smithsonian on May 4th after getting off work. Then picked them up the next evening and had them out to our house. Since Janice was a chaperon, she couldn't be away from her kids for very long. They had lived in Wisconsin near Brother Jerry & his family and moved back to California since the lifestyle in small town Wisconsin was quite  different than California plus the winter was so long.
Coming across pictures like these and then going back in my Diaries or Journals to read about the circumstances at the time, is most interesting. This was in the early days of the Carter Administration and leadership changes were taking place in the USDA and throughout government. I participated in a 2-week seminar at Williamsburg, VA. a couple months earlier where several of our instructors had been high level officials in the Nixon & Ford administrations. Brookings is one of the Institutions in D.C. where a certain number of high level individuals "park" until their party gets back in power. This provides for continuity in government but it is also part of the problem.

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