Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Olive Garden

Elaine and I went to Lincoln today as soon as I came home from morning coffee. We did a variety of things including shopping at the Ben Franklin Store at 70th and Vine. They have things there that you just don't find elsewhere. After stopping at Cartridge World in the Meridian Shopping Center, we had lunch at the Olive Garden. Our standard fare is the Salad, Soup and Bread stick Special. Elaine's choice of soup is the Pasta e Fagioli and mine is the Zappa Toscana. It was a late lunch for us so I enjoyed a bowl of the Fagioli and another bread stick after finishing my Zappa Toscanna. It was an enjoyable lunch but would have been more so had it not been for the 10-12 women who were seated in our same little "nook". It sounded like they were all talking and no one was listening. We then went to Dillard's where Elaine was able to  buy a white, light weight sweater. With that, we were ready to head west to Seward and have a short "eye treatment" nap.

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