Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New TV

We have had a busy day. Elaine had her weekly 9:30am Bible Study, I had my 10:00am coffee klatch, we did Home Delivered Meals at 11:20 and then went to the Senior Center Potato Bake. The potato and the peach pie were both good but the conversation is always the best part of the lunch. We went over to Pac n Sav and bought a big order of groceries. Then we drove down south of town and invested $42.00 in my old Buick (at the gas pump) and looked over the lot where the new Cobblestone Hotel is being planned. And, on to Walmart where we noticed packages of 10 frosted cookies for $2.50. The same cookies at our local Pac n Sav were $1.50. We didn't buy any either place. We did pick up a few things at Walmart including a 26" Sanyo TV. Elaine and I got it "installed",  put batteries in the remote, watched it "self program", and be ready to watch. As Elaine said, "I don't think a woman living alone could have done that". It made me feel good that she appreciated me and that accounts for the "joyous" appearance in the picture.

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