Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moravec Auction

In addition to Church, Football games and Nebraska Girls basketball, I also went to an Auction this afternoon. It was a Moravec Auction of antiques and collectibles from Glenn & Diane Callaway and held at the Seward Fairgrounds 4-H building. I don't know the Callaways but it appears they must have had an antique business somewhere with all the "stuff" included. Moravecs are excellent auctioneers and it's not unusual for them to bring things here to Seward when businesses or people are looking to "sell-out". I doubt that 20% of the people there were local but dealers and collectors come from miles around for such sales. I didn't even bid on anything but it's always interesting to see some of the old stuff. I've always admired people who are good at what they do, regardless of what it is. The Moravecs are about as good as they come. For my brother's benefit, I have to say they are just about as good at auctioneering as he and his partner.

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