Thursday, January 5, 2012


It is difficult to remember how to use certain programs on the computer as well as my camera when they're not used very often. Such was the case Sunday when it would have been nice to have had a picture of all six of us. However, I couldn't remember how to set the camera for a time delay shot. After the guests left, I finally got it "remembered". This picture is the result of those efforts. The camera did this all by itself, setting on the edge of the piano. And Yes, I did get out to the golf course today for the first time in about 7 weeks. Just had to take advantage of the 68 degree temperature. Though I remembered what to do on the golf course, my body didn't remember how to follow through. It doesn't take much of a "lay-off" to prompt the need for more exercise and practice. I once heard a concert pianist say that if he didn't practice every day, he could tell the difference, if he went 2 days without practice his music critics would notice and if he went 3 days, his audiance could tell.

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