Sunday, January 15, 2012

Centralized "Service" ??

I have always been a supporter of the U.S. Postal Service and before that, the U.S Postal Department but was a bit chagrined this morning when learning that mail will not be leaving Seward until Tuesday evening. The BC/BS Federal Employee Prescription mail service supplier switched from Medco to Caremark on January 1, 2012. We were notified of this change back in late October and told that a "Welcome Kit" would be sent to participants, but it never came. I tried calling in December as well as trying to get the kit over the Internet but was not successful. On the 4th of January, I talked to a lady at BC/BS who after hearing my plight, assured me that a Rush Order would provide me with the form for me to attach my new prescriptions. Nothing has come. Last night, I again set down to the computer and was successful in downloading and printing the order form. We diligently filled it out, attached my prescriptions, folded the form properly, and had it ready to mail this morning. Then, when we got to the drop box outside the Post Office, found that its next pickup will be at 4:30pm on Tuesday. I have a 22 day supply of the 3 prescriptions which carry me until the new order can be delivered.  But, it is an example of the difficulty of trying to do business without the personal contact we took so for granted in the past. As I get older, and BS/BS continues to switch mail order suppliers, I may reduce the stress by just paying the price and having prescriptions filled by a local pharmacist. Some would say I should be doing that now.

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