Monday, January 9, 2012


The Vrana cousins have always been a close group. This can be attributed to  many things: similar age, frequent family events while kids, identification with the long time "Family Farm", many staying in the old family area, and, we were all proud of our heritage.  We all admired what our Grandma Vrana did for each of us. This picture was taken in Vivian's back yard following Aunt Anna's funeral back in 1986. The back row, l-r: Dale, Vivian, Verlon, Dick, Bob, Patty. Front;  Phil and George. Grandma Vrana is shown on this 1930 picture in the middle of the back row.
Grandpa is next to Grandma but hardly shows because of his black hat. Ted, the oldest grandchild is standing behind Bob & Dick in the lower picture. Vivian and I are next to them just as we are in the '86 picture. As is apparent, the 6 of us in the front row were the "first class" of Grandchildren followed by Don and Doloros in their Mother's arms. The number of cousins increased to approaching 30 with Joanne (not pictured) being the youngest. There is 25 years between she and Ted the oldest. Many of us have been blessed with exceptionally good health over the years.

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