Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Chamber Extravaganza

Yesterday's blog page was a picture of the four of us taken at last year's Chamber Extravaganza and this one was taken at the event last night. Do we all look a year older? And, are there any other changes that you may detect other than my new tie. The food was really outstanding last night. Music was provided by "Just Alex". Pat Coldiron gave the Chamber of Commerce report, Business anniversaries were recognized, the incoming President was installed and the outgoing one honored. Former Secretary of State Allen Beermann gave a great talk. It was really a collection of motivational short stories and all were good. One of my favorites implied that if people are working as a team with everyone pulling on their own oar, no one will be rocking the boat. 
There was a lot of visiting after all the formal program. On our way to the exit, we walked past where Alex was playing some very danceable music. Out of nowhere appeared Dixie, the recent Mother-in-Law of Alex, who read Elaine's message that she wanted to dance, so off they went. Had it been Polka music I may have tried it but in this case was pleased to just take the picture.

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  1. Can't say that any of you look any older - so that is good news, right? Elaine's scarf looks exactly like the one on my new winter London Fog coat - isn't that a coincidence?