Saturday, January 21, 2012

An 18 year stint in D.C.

I spent much of the day working on a file of "Important papers". These include SF2800, the form necessary for Elaine to receive my Civil Service survivor annuity. And, the form to be filled out to receive my FEGLI (Federal Employee Group Life Insurance). At the time I retired, it was necessary to request these forms and now in the 21st century, they are available on-line. I printed out the forms and as Elaine filled out part of the form (she left some of the critical boxes empty) but it helped us realize we need to get a couple pieces of information. We were able to have a few laughs with some of the questions. My knee has given me some problems lately but that's not what prompted my action. It was another cold day and it was the most productive thing that needed to be done. Income tax time always promotes these financial planning thoughts. So after a day of work, I thought it appropriate to pull up a picture of younger days. Elaine would have still been in her 30's at the time this was taken with our '65 Chevy Station Wagon. I was only about half  my current age but still weigh about the same. Notice the bicycles in the background. I wonder if I was telling Elaine that,  "times are pretty tough wearing these 3-piece suits here is D.C. but eventually we will have a good retirement back in Nebraska".

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