Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding in Virginia

June 11, 1977 was son Jon and Mary's wedding day. We all look so young on the picture taken on the occasion 34 years ago. Not only were we decked out formally but so were Jon's Grandparents. My Diary entry on the 10th was: “Jon and I picked up the brightly repainted red Volkswagen. It cost $150.00. We left home at 10:00am; Elaine with Jon, my Folks with me, and Flowerdays & Tim's with Verlon. Lunch at the Holiday Inn at the Blue Ridge mountain top site. We stopped at Roanoke to check on tuxes and on to Blacksburg. Rehearsal at 7:00pm. Carolyn and Vic were there with Brutus. The Rehearsal dinner followed at the Holiday Inn.
(June 11) “Jons Wedding Day. He and I went to Roanoke to pick up his tux. His didn't have tails as it was supposed to. Lunch with the Grandparents at the Holiday Inn. Bridesmaid luncheon. Dinner this evening with Dr Carsons. Things were pretty hectic but all came off as planned. Wedding ceremony was fairly short. Reception was long. We had a little motel wine party in our room afterward. “  

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