Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Friends & Old Stories

Here are 3 old friends. We are not only old and friends but we have been friends for a long time. We all grew up in the Bohemian Alps north of Garland, Nebraska. I am the one on the left, then Don and Ed. Don and his wife are here from Wyoming to visit friends and attend the Garland High School Alumni Reunion. We took advantage of their being here by driving out to Garland and then on out into the "Alps" where we all had "roots". We had a story for every hill that we drove over. Ed had even helped grade some of the roads. Each of us had farmed many of the fields that we drove past.  Don and his wife lived for some years after they were married on the place where Ted Kooser and his wife now live. Don could hardly believe how the trees have grown around the place and all the improvements the Koosers have made. We topped off our trip by a stop in Bee where Lou fixed us up with some refreshment and took our picture. It was a great afternoon.

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