Friday, June 24, 2011

Stability with a Blue Bracelet

Brother Don is wearing a Blue Bracelet these days that supposedly improves stability. As we get older a walking cane can be a great help in walking. I find that a golf club can double for a cane while on the golf course. Don tells us that he doesn't really need it, but at a recent Home Show in the Lancaster Cunty Events Center in Lincoln, NE, they were being promoted at a bargain price.
The picture is of Don using Chad to demonstrate the magnetic Blue Bracelet's effectiveness. The "test" is structured by asking the subject to strike the pose as shown by Chad. Then the "salesman" places (or pretends he places) the bracelet on the subject's shoulder. Then he pushes down on the subjects extended arm to test the resistance (or stability). By repeating the "test" several times and randomly placing the bracelet on the subjects shoulder, or only pretending to do so, an individual is able to determine the benefits. I don't know if there is any "self fulfilling prophesy" involved but I didn't notice Don "staggering" as he walked around the Super 8 parking lot while wearing his bracelet.

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