Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Small Town Nebraska

In late April of 2003, my Son-in-Law and I had obtained permission and scaled the stairs and ladder to the top of the Seward County Courthouse to take pictures. It was not the first time I had that experience. In 1952 a fellow Church Quartet member was the County Judge and our USDA Soil Conservation Office was also in the Courthouse. He was also “custodian” of the Chimes in the Tower so he took me along up with my little Kodak. While the names of businesses have changed over the years, the appearance of the buildings have remained remarkedly similar. Last week our Magazine Club met in the upstairs of the Cafe on the Square. It was the first time I'd been up there in over 60 years. At that time it was a Law Office and my Dad had been up there to rent a farm. The coming of Walmart and economic conditions have changed the occupancy of the buildings, but we are a pretty stable community.  

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