Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ESSAYS of E. B. WHITE, etc.

What do you give to an old man for his birthday. If he is your Husband, Dad or Granddad, you want to give him something that will give him comfort and pleasure. And, hopefully he may think of you each time he enjoys the gift. It will be something that doesn't take up a lot of space and be easy to dispose of at the appropriate time. I doubt that it can be anything he needs because most of his needs have been satisfied over time; even many of his wants. Keep it simple and don't expect him to get excited about a new Taylor Made Burner, a Superfast golf Driver. Chances are he already has a favorite driver and if he doesn't, he will want to pick it out for himself. The same is true for cameras, electronic equipment, Health Club passes, etc. As we get older, some of the things that are advertised as bringing pleasure, can actually become burdens. Don't overlook a simple phone call, an email message or an act of kindness. Along with some of the latter things named, I received a paperback book on the "Essays of E. B. White" this year for my birthday. It meets the above criteria perfectly. It contains about 30 short essays by White during his 40 years with the New Yorker Magazine. Though White is best known as the author of the children's classics, "Charlotte's Web" and "Stuart Little", he is considered one of the finest essayist of the twentieth century. The essays I have read so far, scored high on the "pleasure" scale and Carolyn says she would like to have the book when I'm finished with it. No Problem. 

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