Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seward Swimming Pool

 The Seward Swimming Pool tradition dates back some 100years. My grandfather told of helping to construct the slide back in the early years. He said they tapered the width slightly and were amused by "wide bottomed" people getting stuck on the way down.
The water was recycled over the "stair steps" on the back of the maintenance building as part of the purification process plus it made a pleasant sound.
 This is the way I remember the pool in the 1950's. It was at this stage that we spent a lot of time in the pool after a hot day of surveying soil and water conservation practices on local farms.
 This was a more modern version that probably was in use during the latter part of the last century and until it developed excessive leakage problems.
This picture was take in June 2004 after the pool and bath house were completely rebuilt. The round pool had become such a Seward landmark that the feature was maintained through a "key hole" design with lanes for lap swimming and the deep area for the diving towers are at the edge of the circular pool.
The pool did not open on schedule this summer due to repair necessary to correct the tilting of the diving tower and a more delaying problem associated with some of the pool features.
It appears that at the time (2004) the "toad stool" shaped "shower" feature shown in the previous picture with a green roof, was being installed, a re-bar grade stake was driven through the water circulating tile. (It would have been covered at the time). Though this existed for these several years, it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that it was detected. The problem was located by the use of a camera being fed through the various tiles in the pool. It's now being repaired and the pool opening is expected to be on or before June 15.

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