Sunday, June 5, 2011

62 Years and Counting

Sixty-two years ago today Elaine and I accepted the vows, “for better or for worse”. It turned out for the better. With definite memories of the “dirty thirties” we were well inculcated with need to work, save for a rainy day and live within our means. Elaine was just 18 but had been working as the Extension Agent's Secretary for a couple years after graduating from High School. She was being paid some $75.00/month and had $1,000.00 in a savings account. I was 23 and had farmed with my folks after High School while attending NYA school in Bellevue, NE one winter and working for Swift & Co. in Omaha another. I was working for the USDA Soil Conservation Service in a Civil Service job at the time of our wedding. My salary was about $100.00 every 2-week pay period and I had the 1941 Chevy. Those were the financial conditions we brought to our marriage. My Dad wondered how we would be able to make the $55.00/month payments of the furnished apartment we had rented. As family came along and Elaine had to give up full-time employment, I took on additional part-time work and our folks helped us out with meat, eggs, etc. We had a very productive several years here in Seward before moving on to Lincoln and Washington, D. C. while always living within our means. It was only when buying real estate that we ever had to  barrow money and pay interest. We have been truly blessed. 

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