Monday, June 27, 2011

Past Flooding in Seward

This picture was taken back in the early 1950's on West Seward Street in Seward, Nebraska. As is apparent, the Hughes Bros. Manufacturing plant was under water from the flooding Big Blue River. The machine approaching included some of the plant's management staff that had been inspecting the situation. At that time, Redwood logs were shipped to the plant where they were processed. The machine shown was typically used to move the logs about but was also useful for driving through deep water.
Soon after this flood, Hughes Brothers took it upon themselves to build a dike to protect their facilities. The Corps of Engineers eventually got involved in expanding the dike system that has protected the City of Seward for a number of years. The grain elevator and gas station have long faded into history but the Hughes Plant has continued to improve and provide a very stable source of employment for over 300 people in the community

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