Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthdays, etc.

Elaine and I spent some time this afternoon reviewing fund allocations in IRA’s, Insurance policies and annuities. They have done very well for the most part during the past year but we have identified the need for some change (or at least discussion with our financial advisor). I suspect having Elaine do some of the calculations may have prompted it, but she came down with the birthday cards we had exchanged last year and announced that we wouldn’t have to buy new ones this year. We could “recycle” the very nice cards from last year. They were special last year since we both reached “milestone” birthdays. We have never made a big deal about the “numbers” and have gone back into the archives a number of times to come up with an “experienced” card. In fact, I must confess to only showing Elaine the most beautiful card I could find on the display rack and then putting it back when “tines were tough”.  The 1930’s left an indelible mark on our minds that cannot be erased. It sometimes becomes an embarrassing burden.

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