Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Old '92 LaSabre

When I went to work for the USDA Soil Conservation Service back in 1948 we were required to keep detailed records on the pickup trucks that we used. The "habit" carried over to our personal vehicles. We have started a new book on every new (or used) vehicle we have had since then. We record all the repair items as well at the gasoline, oil changes, etc. The example here is from the ledger of my old '92 LaSabre. We bought it new here in Seward on March 27, 1992 for a cash price of $18,342. It has been our second car since have bought a very similar 2002 model. A couple years ago, Don who owened the GM dealership and sold us the car, ask me one day at the golf course, "When are you going to trade this in and get a new one". I answered saying, "Ive got to wear this one out first". His resonse was, "If you insist on keeping it till you wear it out, you never will get a new one." He may be right but how a vehicle is taken care of makes a big difference. While there was a time when people were judged by the car they drove, I like to rationalize that driving an old, well maintained vehicle, is as impressive as a new one. (Espically if it isn't paid for). I did go quite a while before getting the last oil change but basically have done a good job of maintenance. In all these years and with all 152,038 miles, I have never needed to add so much as a quart of oil to the 3800 V-6 engine. But today, I had to have it's third new battery installed.

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