Saturday, June 11, 2011

Old Reliable Lawnmower

Part of having grown-up in the 1930's when "times were tough" is the burden of becoming "attached" to possessions we were eventually able to buy. I felt some of the pangs of loss this morning as our Wards lawnmower with a Briggs & Stratton engine, sold on our daughter's Garage Sale. I bought the mower about 25 years ago while I was working in Lincoln and we had the farm. We had a JD-110 riding mower that Elaine used to do most of the mowing, but we needed a small one for trim work. As we moved to town, I bought a bit larger one with high rear wheels. Typically, I would mow the back yard with my mower and Elaine would use this one on the front yard. However, as time went on, Elaine did less mowing, and we decided that she could "relive me" occasionally which works better than each of us mowing. Not only that, but the mower was kept in the garage between our cars where it created an obstacle carrying in groceries. It was for all of these reasons that despite the loss of an "old reliable friend", we were pleased to see it go to a young family getting their first house.

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  1. I seem to remember an old lawnmower that we had on Ridge Road that we used for years and years and years. As a kid, I really wanted Dad to buy a new lawnmower for two reasons.
    1. I had to mow and wanted a new lawnmower.
    2. I wanted to take the old engine from the lawnmower and, with Verlon's help, build a go-cart.

    Dad NEVER got rid of that mower (at least not while I lived at home) so no go-cart.