Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Picture 1969

Son Tim flew out to Nebraska to registered at UN-L and cousin Laurie flew back with him on August 5, 1969. The kids had a great time while she was with us. They did everything from playing putt-putt golf to going to the White House to see President Nixon and the leader of Germany. They helped make a big celebration of Carolyn's 16th birthday by decorating the basement. Verlon was up from Richmond for his birthday and on August 21st , all 7 of us left Arlington, VA in our '65 Chevy Station Wagon for Nebraska. Other than blowing out a tire on the Ohio Turnpike and staying at the Holiday Inn in Joliet, IL, we had an “uneventful” trip. We had a good visit with all the family in the Seward area as well as with those who came from California and elsewhere. On Sunday the 24th, we had Family pictures taken by Betty Sample (Sample Studios). I came across this picture recently that Mother had written on the back; “August 1969”. While I've prided myself in recording events in my daily diaries and journals, I didn't mention getting the family pictures taken. I rationalize the omission by not having my diary with me on the trip and catching up after we got home.  

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