Monday, October 7, 2013

PET's for Handicapped Mobility

Yvonne Patterson, a former Seward resident who now lives in Columbia, MO, presented the program at Kiwanis this noon. She is involved with an organization which produces "Personal Energy Transportation". They are called PET's and are sent to developing countries around the word to enable mobility for individuals who are unable to walk. They are a low tricycle type chair moved by peddling the front wheel with one's arms. The pedals also serve as the handle bar for steering. They are built in a small and large size. Pee Wee is shown here in a small one with Club President, Shane Baack standing by.  While many handicapped people in this country have a battery powered "scooter", these PET's are utilized in the developing world. They are produced at a cost of $250.00 with primarily volunteer labor. The Plant in Columbia where Yvonne volunteers produced 2012 of them last year. The project was begun in 1994 in response to the tragic loss of mobility in Zaire due to landmines and polio. By 2012 the project is in over 90 countries. 

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