Friday, October 4, 2013

Bulova Accutron Wristwatch

I spent more time than necessary today trying to put this Bulova Accutron wristwatch on eBay. I inherited it a few years ago from a friend, had a battery put in it and wore it until the battery ran down,  then put it on the shelf. In our efforts to reduce our inventory of "stuff" it seemed appropriate to put it on eBay. Our local Jeweler put a new battery in it this morning and it runs. The Accutron watches were some of the first to operate with a battery rather than a spring. They have become somewhat of a collectors item and some are listed on eBay at very high prices. I took pictures of it like the one shown and also tried to get a close up of the face and back. All went well until I tried to get it listed. It seems that my efforts to get a close up didn't produce a picture to meet eBay's standards. Consequently, its still not listed. I may have to just put it on with this picture and see what happens. My $10.65 investment in the new battery is my biggest concern at this time. If that wasn't concern enough, we had Black Hills Gas people here this afternoon looking at our furnace. After a quick inspection, they are coming back Monday. Then when we were eating supper, the crown on my front upper tooth fell off. The good news is that we missed the Tornados that hit eastern Nebraska last night and this evening and I sold an old Nebraska Farmer on eBay for $2.50.,

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