Saturday, October 5, 2013

Inspiration Point

Work continues at "Inspiration Point" down at the Seward City Park and County Fair Grounds. Plans are underway to deepen the old ice skating pond.  Then in cooperation with Nebraska Game and Parks, stock it with fish. It is also planned to have a handicapped dock where people can fish from a wheelchair. It will be a nice addition to the community. This is all particularly interesting to me since I spent much of my first 7 years with the Park as our playground. Our house was just across the railroad track from it and my older sister and I walked over frequently. The skating pond dates back to the early '50's when Ben Hughes, President of Hughes Brothers, Inc., began construction of a dike to protect the plant from flooding. The pond was created early as a source of fill for the dike. When some of the town skeptics questioned Ben's early efforts, they referred to the pond as, "Lake Bennie Ha Ha". The Corps of Engineers eventually became involved and completed the protection that we enjoy today. I was standing on the dike this morning while taking the picture. Heritage Hall is shown through the trees over the tractor.

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