Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don Armstrong, RIP

I lost one of my long time, best friends yesterday. We received word that Don Armstrong had died after a fall that put him in an ICU unit at  Idaho Falls, ID for the past 15 days. I could list literally hundreds of stories in which he and I were involved; Most all of them good. We entered Garland HS as Freshmen in the fall of '38 and became close friends almost immediately. We played baseball and basketball in HS and continued on Town Team for years after graduation. The 5 of us pictured back in Washington, D.C. were there to get a car for Don that was given to him by his older brother in the Marine Corps at Quantico, VA. The 5 of us had previously driven a Model A Ford to Yellowstone NP in the summer of '46 and to the Ozarks in the fall of '47. Don was always the "stabilizing" force in our travels which helped "keep us in line". Even in recent years we spent time together as winter Texans and traveled on tours to Mexico with our wives and others. This past summer was the first in several years that they didn't get back for the GHS Alumni Reunion. A year ago when they were here we enjoyed some extra time together visiting our old neighborhood; and had a great time. Don had a very positive influence on my life in many ways. None more than during the fall of '46 when Don had become acquainted with Dale Flowerday.  At a dance in Dwight, Dale brought his "little sister" who had just turned 16, over to meet Don who was always the best looking guy in the crowd. Don was a modest fellow and when he didn't ask her to dance, I did. The rest is history and I may have never met my wife had it not been for Don. How much better friend could one ever hope to have. 

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  1. Great memorial to a dear friend and a wonderful story about Mom!!