Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well Above Average

Carolyn was proud of her new winter coat with a fur collar. On Thanksgiving morning 1964 we went to church and when we got home had a phone call from Dale that Aunt Dixie had died in her sleep the night before. Elaine and Jon caught the United 6:20 flight out of Friendship airport for Omaha. Elaine already had the turkey fixed in a paper bag which the other 3 kids and I enjoyed. Tim had basketball practice the next day and Carolyn spent time with Michelle while Iwas at work. On Saturday I took Carolyn to the Korvette store where she got a white wool sweater and I left 2 tires to be recapped. Elaine called that evening and said it was a nice funeral service for Dixie. I took the 3 kids and went to early church on Sunday where Carolyn was given a gold cross for being able to recite all 39 books of the Old Testament. For some reason, we just took it for granted that all of our Kids would be well above average.

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