Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Night Fish in Bee

Janice and Larry got to our house about mid afternoon. After helping them get settled we drove up to Bee for the traditional Friday night Fish Dinner. Terry joined us by the time it was served. Not only is the Cod excellent but there is so much more that goes with it. We had an ideal table near the door and were able to visit with a number of old friends as the came and went. Lou and MaryAnn have operated the place for over 35 years with a reputation that brings people in from miles around. Lou came over, sat down and visited at some length after we finished eating. I told him the story of my Dad insisting that I dress with a coat and tie when we went up to eat back in the late '70's. I was spending the weekend in Seward visiting my folks while traveling out of Washington, D. C. and Dad insisted that someone "in my position" should look the part. Friday nigh fish in Bee has been a social event ever since. 

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