Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flowers, Rain & the National Debt

This has not been a good spring for annual flowers but our perennials have come through with their normal great colors. We do not expect to get to 90 degrees today which will break a 15 consecutive day run of temperatures over 90 and the heat index well over 100. We have only run our lawn sprinklers twice so far this summer, and we're very fortunate in receiving 0.40" of rain early yesterday morning and another 1.50" during last night. That amount of rain will help the farm crops considerably as well as our lawns and gardens in town. There was wind along with the rain last night which blew over the top half of a 45-year old Spruce tree at the golf course. There was also a trampoline blown on to the course from the adjoining residential area. We have had a busy day with playing golf, doing "Home Delivered Meals", visiting Carolyn to see her room redecorating, and attending the Potato Bake at the Senior Center. The mail brought the bi-monthly ARSCE (Association of Retired Soil Conservation Employees) newsletter which took over an hour to get through. A few minutes ago I had a call with an opportunity to join a discussion underway with Senator Johanns and Representative Fortenberry. After listening for a short while, I decided to write this blog sheet and not raise my stress level by "helping" them solve the national debt problem. That's what they're getting paid to do; to make decisions "For the Good of the Country".  

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