Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bag Worms on our Blue Spruce

This picture was taken in our backyard 20 years ago. Granddaughter Julie and the Blue Spruce tree have both grown since then. Julie and her mother gave me the tree for Father's day when she was 3 years old and about the same height as the tree setting in it's pot. It continues to be a stalwart among the plantings in our back yard. The Red Dogwood that is visible behind the tree has long since been removed. I did plant a Japanese Maple to the right and its bright red leaves provide an attractive color contrast. The tree is now between 25-30 feet in height and the home of many nesting pairs of birds. Two years ago we noticed that some of the lower branches were missing needles and further inspection led us to Bag worms. It was September when we first noticed them and proceeded to pick off all that we could find. Last year we found only 4 or 5 which we picked off and thought we were rid of them. Now we find many more out there and have picked off 20-25. I learned this morning that they live in a 2-year cycle and are in the "bag" during the day and come out at night to feed. It may be necessary to spray for them but will plan to continue picking them off for a while to see if we can control them. I would appreciate hearing of any ones experience with them.  

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