Friday, July 8, 2011


Maintenance, it’s something we don’t always think about when making a purchase or acquiring property. A year ago we replaced our nearly 40 year old central air conditioning unit after several years of “high maintenance”.  I turned on the water for our underground lawn sprinkler system last week and as of today, have it back in operating condition. It required two visits from the Lawn Sprinkler Service people and one visit from a plumber. Our cost will approach $300.00. I have been able to do most of the maintenance on the sprinkler system up until now but there were some problems beyond my ability. It does make one wonder about the cost/benefit of such “luxuries” as lawn sprinklers. How important is it that we keep our blue grass green all summer. Might it be more practical to have a fine leafed fescue grass that is more adapted to our weather conditions than Kentucky Bluegrass. What are other things that we may need to consider as “times get tougher”. We may need to examine our priorities and recognize that maintenance of some items is more expensive than their original cost.

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