Sunday, July 10, 2011

Golf from the Yellow Tees

My Brother Don takes pride in pointing out that he plays from the White Tees at his home course and I play from the Yellows when we compare golf scores. Likewise, I took considerable comfort in reading a recent article about Jack Nicklaus being involved in the, “Tee it Forward” program. He is quoted as saying: “We constantly encourage golfers to play the proper tees, but too often they want to bite off as much of the course as they can. What ends up suffering is their scorecard and their overall enjoyment. This program should help stimulate people to play the proper tees and maximize the golf enjoyment”. The article goes on to say that: “If you can hit a Driver 275 yards on average, then the recommended 18-hole yardage is between 6,700 and 6,900 yards”. An accompanying chart shows:
250 yards 6,200-6,400.
225 yards 5,800-6,000.
200 yards 5,200-5,400.
175 yards 4,400-4,600.
                                                                          150 yards 3,500-3,700.
Our Seward Course is 6,552 from the Black tees, 6,250 from the White, 5,228 from the Yellow and 4,862 from the Reds. This implies that I should average 200 yards with my Driver. I wish I could but still have no plans to start playing from the Reds. But with the temperature pushing 100 and humidity in the 70% range, we only played 9 holes this afternoon. 

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