Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Udder Store

Marian had the Fabric Store in Seward for a number of years. She not only sold sewing, quilting material but also sewing machines and even gave lessons. She was a "home town" girl who married a local farmer, raised a nice family and was a key member of the Chamber of Commerce and the community. People came from miles around to make their purchases at Marian's Fabric Fair. As her husbands health began to fail, she decided to sell the store. To the ladies of the community, it was like losing an old friend. The store in Seward's historic downtown shopping area actually sat vacant for some time. Havelock is a "working community" suburb of Lincoln and has had a great fabric store for a number of years. The couple that have the store call it "The Cosmic Cow" and have bought Marian's old Fabric Fair. They spent several months remodeling the place and last evening, had their initial "opening. It is a complete change from the black and white tile floor and cluttered look which greeted you. As shown in the picture, it is really a breath of fresh air. And, Oh Yes!! Since the people already have the "Cosmic Cow" in Lincoln, this store became "The Udder Store".

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  1. We love the Cosmic Cow, and we plan to head to Seward on August 20 to visit the Udder Store.