Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pippin Frozen Apple Pie

DeEtta asked Elaine at our Cousins get together on Tuesday about the apple pies she was known for. Elaine explained to her that we have been unable to get them from Walmart for some time. A couple years ago we were told that the store in Grand Island carried them but they were not available in Seward nor Lincoln. This afternoon Elaine suggested that one of these days we should drive out to Grand Island to see if they might still carry them as the Lincoln store once did. I jokingly said if I thought they had them we would go tomorrow. With that commitment, I picked up my laptop and Googled "Pippin apple pies at Walmart". To our glee we found that they could be ordered from Walmart with a minimum order of $49.00. Since I had some pictures to be printed down at the store, I suggested that we drive out and talk to them before ordering the pies. Since they are frozen, we wondered if they could be shipped to the store and we pick them up there. After talking to a couple people at the Customer Service Desk, one lady made a phone call and then went back to the frozen food department and there they were. We brought home 5 of the 40 oz. deep dish apple pies which cost $3.98/ea. Elaine sprinkles them with a little sugar and cinnamon  before baking them about an hour and they come out delicious. They taste just like Mother used to make.

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