Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old Crows, etc.

When a friend recently learned of the connection between “The Crow’s Nest” and my last name, he sponsored me for membership in ASCAR (American Society of Crows and Ravens). It is an international disorganization of some 700 individuals. Their association is based on, “shared attitudes and appetites but markedly diverse interest - appreciative, scientific, aesthetic, literary and mythic - in crows, ravens and their significance both ecological and metaphoric”.  Members receive a copy of the Corvi Chronicle “which is published irregularly by Corvis with an interest in or need for doing so”. The Society has no officers, rules or regulations; does not keep records or levy dues. When conducting Society or other business, Corvis prefer to use only a number, i.e. Corvi # 25, 39, 457, or whatever. All members are encouraged to send notes, essays, tales, clippings, sketches or photos to the editor of the Chronicle for publication.  The accompanying example is a sheet from the 10 page, Spring 2011 edition which speaks to the intelligence of Crows. I remember my Dad telling about splitting a Crow’s tongue when he was a boy and teaching it to talk. I never really believed it but am convinced they are pretty smart birds.

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