Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Walnut Planting

With a break in the weather again today and some errands to run, we decided to drive up and look at the black walnut trees that we planted 2 years ago. We hadn't seen them since early spring when we planted a couple replacements. We were pleasantly surprised at the growth they had made, even the replacements. Of the 25 there is need for another replacement next spring but the rest look great. I still have 2-3 heeled in our back yard and will plan to plant the replacement early next spring. Elaine and I did the planting and a lot of watering the first year. The city has done a good job keeping the area mowed and other maintenance. Other volunteers also helped with the watering initially. There is a similar plot of hardy Pecan trees that Chuck planted the same spring across the way. They too looked like they made very good growth. This is on City land adjacent to the Plum Creek walking-biking trail and adds to the interest of that much used component of the City Park system. We certainly need to be planting more hardy trees as many of our pines are being destroyed by the pine bark beetle. 

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