Monday, July 25, 2011

New Potatoes

It takes very little space to grow a bucket of potatoes. When we took some shrubs out from the south side of our house a couple years ago and found it was difficult to get grass growing, we went to potatoes. Elaine and I both grew up in the country and it was taken for granted that you raised your own potatoes, as well as much of the rest of your food. As a kid during the "hard times" a meal of new potatoes, creamed peas and fried chicken with home made bread, was a pretty standard meal. I just didn't realize how special it was; even though I had turned the "Daisy churn" to make the butter for the bread. We would put as much as 30-40 bushel of potatoes in the cave during the fall of the year, and they would last our family of 7 throughout the year. The difference between the self reliance of people in those days compared to today is frightening. I hope a resolution to the debt ceiling can be reached.

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