Sunday, July 24, 2011

A tree from a Mustard Seed??

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Rev. Doug used the parable of the mustard seed scripture reading for his sermon this morning. The point of the parable being the contrast between small beginnings and great endings.  I didn't find the Church service as a whole particularly inspiring, partially because of the songs being unfamiliar though their words fit the message. As we were preparing to tee off for our 12:00pm tee time, I learned that Charlie didn't get to Church this morning. Since I wasn't especially excited about what I learned in Church, I asked Dale to tell Charlie what he missed. His response was similar to what mine would have been. He said, "I didn't realize that mustard grew to being a tree". We both agreed to do some research and see what we could learn. If Jesus said the shrub pictured above is a "tree", who are we to question it. Incidentally, I needed a mulligan on my tee shot.

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