Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mother's Birthday

Here is a Wax Begonia plant that won a purple ribbon recently at the Seward County Fair. We have Begonias in our back yard every year. I like the plant and they do very well in shady locations. But the real reason we have at least one every year is because they were my Mother's favorite plant. August 7th was Mother's birthday. She was born in 1900, had a stroke in December of 1990 while addressing Christmas Cards and died the next day.  Mother had many virtues and one of them was her sense of humor. Until I was able to read nursery catalogues did I learn that Begonia was spelled with a "B". Mother probably was imitating her Irish Mother by describing her favorite plants as: "Wax Spegonias".  I gave ours an extra drink of water this afternoon and thought about Mother. 

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