Monday, August 5, 2013

Does that Feel Good or What

Denise is a relatively new member of our Kiwanis Club of Seward and presented the program this noon. She has had extensive training, passed a National Certification exam and is a Nebraska Licensed Massage Therapist. She has an Office here in Seward and also works out of a couple Lincoln locations.  After briefing us on the virtues of Massage she opened the program up to questions. My friend Jack asked her about the "chair" that was setting on the stage. He was immediately invited up to help demonstrate its use.
 A pamphlet she distributed contains the following information: "In these busy times, massage is a solution to stress that takes a heavy toll on your health. A major health benefit of massage is a deeply relaxed state. This activates positive hormone responses in our Parasympathetic Nervous System. In a deeply relaxed state, muscles relax more fully, and several important hormones are released into the bloodstream that help us maintain a balanced and more healthy life." It was an interesting, informative program but I haven't scheduled an appointment. 

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  1. I firmly believe in body massage -it saved me from having back surgery many years ago after terrific back spasms and I couldn't walk for ten days - spent a couple days in the hospital - then on muscle relaxers. Then I found out about body massage and it was the answer! It's wonderful!