Friday, August 9, 2013

Backyard Flowers

Flowers have always been a source of pleasure not only because of their inherent beauty but also for the memories they evoke. We have a picture of Elaine taken a year or so after we were married and living in the Maltby Apartment. She was visibly pregnant with our first born and standing in the back yard next to a beautiful Phlox. We have generally had Phlox in our flower beds ever since. We must have planted this one at least 10 years ago and have been surprised by the way it has spread. They are great plants requiring very little care and bloom over an extended period this time of year. We have a Black Eyed Susan growing as a companion to the Phlox which is visible in the picture. It is another plant that has received very little care and continues to show it's color every year.

We have had a busy day and it doesn't take a whole lot to make old folks busy. Yesterday we mowed both the front and back yards as well as other yard work. We were busy today but with more enjoyable and less demanding activities. I participated in a Chamber of Commerce, First Impression Committee meeting this morning,  went directly to coffee from there, then Elaine and I did some shopping downtown and went up to Carolyn and Ben's. Today is Ben's birthday so we had a good visit. We watched quite a bit of Golf during the afternoon and went out to visit with Julie and Sadie. Among Sadie's birthday presents was a little toy xylophone with a wooden hammer to tap the "keys". She likes it and recognizes the connection between where she "hits" it and the sound it produces. I've never seen a Blacksmith wield a hammer with any more enthusiasm than what she demonstrates.

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