Saturday, August 17, 2013

Groundwater Guardian 1994

The National Groundwater Guardian program was getting National attention in the early '90's and representatives from several states met in Omaha, NE on March 6, 1994. National Geographic President Gilbert Grosvenor was the featured speaker. Elaine and I along with Richard & Karen Eberspacher represented our Seward County efforts. We along with other Designated Groundwater Guardian Communities presented a program at the noon Luncheon. along with Founder Susan Seacrest and Bob Kuzelka. This picture was taken of Elaine and I with Congressman Doug Bereuter who is a native of Seward County. In fact, when Elaine worked for the Extension Service she registered him for 4-H activities. I had the opportunity to visit with Gil Grosvenor and ask him, "How can we maintain the current level of interest in Water Quality long enough to institutionalize it for sustainability?" While he didn't really have an answer, The National Geographic Magazine has continued to include articles on the issue.
I have gone back and am processing many of my 1994 pictures and activities. It's very interesting to observe not only the change in physical appearance but also my perspective. (Pardon the halo-like glow over Doug's and my head, It was caused by the overhead lights.

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