Monday, August 19, 2013

Jonathan Jank & Economic Development

Jonathan Jank, Executive Director of  Seward County Economic Development Corporation, spoke to the Kiwanis Club this noon.  The SCEDC was formed in 2011 to create and expand economic opportunities throughout Seward County. His Board consist of 6 elected officials and 6 private citizens from throughout the County. Jonathan came to the organization soon after it was formed. One of the interesting prospects that has been under way for some time is a Seward/Lincoln Rail Campus. Seward was selected for this development as the best location in the State of Nebraska. It would be located on 300 acres adjacent to the Mainline of the Burlington National Santa Fe Railroad line and within the Seward City limits. There are other projects underway as well, and Jonathan is doing an excellent job in representing the County and the City of Seward.
Jonathan is also a member of our Kiwanis Club of Seward and sings with our Kitone group. He has an excellent voice and brings tears to the eyes of some people when he does his rendition of "Danny Boy". He graduated from Concordia University here in Seward and went on to get his MBA at Concordia's Fallbrook campus. He is a Lincoln native, a Lutheran HS graduate, and he and his wife have their home here. They are great assets to Seward and the community, and we are confident that he will be bringing in industries that will add to the quality of our area.

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