Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Champion Twins

This picture was in the Omaha World Herald this morning. It is of the twins that were named Champion Town boy &  girl, ages 27-38 months at the 1938 Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln. It was of particular interest to me because of having had twins in our family compete in the contest at about the same time. As I recall it was referred to as the "Better Baby Contest" in those days. There was a special "Class" for twins but I don't remember any distinction between "Town" and "Country". Our twins were born in January of 1937 so according to this criteria, they must have competed at the 1939 contest. They didn't win the Championship, but we were very proud of their having competed. I didn't start writing in my Diary until 1940 so have no way of knowing the year for sure. I remember very distinctively of sitting outside what we referred to as the old "hospital" near the south entrance where the event was held. The Ford Tractor company had just come out with the small little tractor with the 3-point hitch for hydraulically controlling machinery. It was set up to run continuously in a circle, which I watched for what seemed like hours. 

This is my sister and brother dressed as I remember they were for the contest. My mother sewed the matching outfits and they were a beautiful blue. I expect Janice may remember hearing enough about the event to comment on this blog and add details. Brother Jerry died two years ago. My folks were very proud of the twins. Vivian was 13, I was 11 and Don was 7 when they were born. Their birth was an exciting event because of a Blizzard that hit the area. Mother was scheduled to go to the hospital in Seward but the roads were all blocked with snow. It took equipment from Garland, neighbors scooping snow and Dad going with a team of horses and wagon to get the old Doctor from Garland out to our farm house. A couple neighbor ladies helped with the delivery and until further help was obtained. The twins were very close and often spent their birthdays together even though one lived in California and the other in Wisconsin. They both had good marriages with fine families. I enjoy following their Grandchildren nearly every day on Facebook. They didn't win the Fair contest but were Champions in their own right. 

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  1. The picture I have like that says we were one year old when the picture was taken. As I remember Mom telling the story - it seems the blue material was taffeta or something shiny and that's why I was feeling it and pulling the hem up! I believe the material came from either Aunt Anna or Aunt Rose. I've always loved that picture - we looked so much alike and were the same size! I always visit the boy/girl twins that are born at the hospital and tell the parents what fun we had growing up!