Friday, December 16, 2011

'Tis the Season

I dusted off the 48" Flexible Flyer III this afternoon and plan to put it on Craig's list early tomorrow morning. It is in  excellent condition and belongs under a Christmas tree or in the possession of anyone to whom it may bring pleasure. It is not one of the "old" sleds that our kids and Julie rode but rather one that I acquired a few years ago as a bargain and need to move it on. The "old sleds" are stored safely up in the attic and are awaiting the time they can be passed on to another generation.
This was also the day of the annual Christmas Bird Count in this area. We were visited by Cardinals, Juncos and a couple types of sparrows at our feeder while we were eating breakfast but it's been very quiet the rest of the day. It was a pleasant day but a chilly wind may have kept them in their shelter.
We mailed and received Christmas Cards. Many from people we haven't heard from since last Christmas. It is when we hear about health problems of dear friends that we again offer our thanks to God for our health and happiness and say a prayer for those in need.

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