Sunday, December 4, 2011

Selection Wisdom

Though Elaine has her Christmas Village set up on the buffet, and we have candles lit in the street side windows, we will not put up our tree for another week or so. We just don't have any "extra" room  like we did in the room pictured back in Virginia. It was what we called the "sun room" off the Living and Dining rooms. It had double windows on the east and west ends and 2 sets of double windows to the south. It was a great place for plants, the TV and Christmas trees. Elaine and I have never missed having a tree decorated but it has been more challenging some years than others. They have ranged from "farm cut" cedars to beautiful firs. Some were even "balled and burlaped" and planted after Christmas. We had to replace one spruce tree when the needles all fell off after being up for about a week. The tree pictured may have been one that we picked out at night from a dimly lit lot. It looks pretty nice from one side but the other side was bare. Tim was in college down at Duke at the time and had asked a girl out who he met  in a dimly lit situation. He later reported that she wasn't nearly as pretty as he thought when she appeared in brighter light. He and I concluded in a Holiday discussion that, "You should never pick out a Date or a Christmas Tree in the Dark".

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  1. We remember that particular quote each year. Why, just Saturday late afternoon, we were preparing to go over to the Church to pick out the tree, the sun was rapidly setting, and Anna got on my case to "Hurry up, Dad. It's getting dark and you know that you never pick out a girl or a Christmas tree in the dark!!!"