Sunday, December 25, 2011


We enjoyed Christmas Brunch at Carolyn and Ben's this morning along with John and Julie. The casserole was delicious as was the bread(cake) and fruit. The hot tea "hit the spot" and Ben's own carbonated drink was refreshing. The conversation included a bit of gossip about people at last night's Service at the Episcopal Church where Julie and the Choir sang, "Lo, how a rose e'er blooming".  It was a musical service with Mother Helen relating an interesting story of, "Love being placed in the Human Heart". After the Church Service we met for some "goodies" and gift opening at John and Julie's house. The gifts were of a practical nature to the extent of even anticipating future usefulness. We were back home in time to see the last half of  "The Sound of Music" for the umpteenth time and still enjoy it.  We plan to go back up to Hughes' this evening for our Christmas Dinner and I  believe Ben is fixing a Ham. I wish all Grandparents had the privilege of having a daughter, her husband and family nearby that they could enjoy and appreciate as much as we do ours. I believe this is what Mother Helen was talking about last night.

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