Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Years Ago

Yesterday I finished writing my Narrative for 1986. I went back through my old Journal for that year and rewrote the year's events in "story" form. It still needs to be subjected to Elaine's editing but hopefully, some day, some body will enjoy reading it. We were very busy that year with the farm, my job, Church, Kiwanis, Lodge, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Isaac Walton League, etc. Julie spent a lot of time with us as Carolyn taught school and worked on an advanced degree. Going through the Journal day-by-day enabled me to refresh my memory of people that I dealt with. It made me realize how privileged I was to have a job where I worked with people at the highest level of State Government and with those from the University who were the experts in their field. I didn't really appreciate it at the time. Julie was a great inspiration and until I went back through the Journal, did I realize  there were few days when I didn't mention her name. She enjoyed the times when just she and I could drive the pickup in from the farm and talk about such things as, "Wishing on a Star". Twenty-Five years ago, 1986 was when Carolyn and Ben's relationship began to strengthen, he was like a "member of the family". Here is how things looked at our house at that time. Yes, many changes have taken place and even our tree is shaped better this year.

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