Monday, December 12, 2011

Great Trip

I continue to summarize information from my 1986 Journal.  Today I wrote about a trip taken just a few days after the farming problems described yesterday.
"While it was difficult for Julie to leave her Mother, we took her along with us on a rather extensive Motor home trip back east. We left on July 26th towing the VW. Our travels took us to Opryland at Nashville, TN; Gatlinburg, TN; Dolly West at Pigeon Forge; the Wacamac pottery factory in Burlington, NC and on to Jon and Mary’s in Oxford, NC. We were pleased to see how Heather had grown and she and Julie got along real well. Jon had a home computer and was very much into its usage. The southern states were 20” below normal rainfall and experiencing an extreme drought. Jon coordinated the delivery and distribution of hay that was shipped in from the northern states to help feed the livestock in addition to his Soil Scientist duties. We left the Motor home along the side of Jon’s driveway and drove the VW up to Richmond, VA where we stayed in a Holiday Inn and visited Verlon. He took us on a tour of the Children’s Museum to see an exhibit he helped built and down to the Mall where he and Julie got their picture on a pin. He bought me an authentic NY Yankee baseball cap. We walked over to the beautifully restored old Jefferson Hotel where we met Cle, Verlon’s girlfriend. The next day we took Verlon and Cle with us and met Jon, Mary & Heather to visit Williamsburg. After enjoying the old restored businesses, homes and seeing the various attractions and the parade, we dropped Verlon and Cle off at his place in Richmond and went back down to Oxford. Our little VW worked real well on the 380 mile trip." And, this was just the beginning of a 16 day Motor home trip.

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  1. Wow--that was quite the trip. I must have been going to summer school about then.