Saturday, December 10, 2011


Elaine and I have been very fortunate throughout our many years of marriage. This picture was taken at the time of an anniversary back in the late '60's. While our appearance may have changed, we still see each other looking pretty much  like we did when we were younger. As with many pictures, the items in  the background gain in interest as time passes. An example here is the large picture above the fireplace. Today, some 40+ years later, that very picture hangs above the couch in our living room. The little statuette sitting on the floor in the right side of the picture, sets today in the living room next to the piano. We no longer have a fireplace so no reason for the tools but the little lamps are still a part of our household. Change becomes less important as we age. And, we often see things as they were and not necessarily as they are. My old '92 Buick La Sabre is another example.

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